CIO As-a Services

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Philip Ward-Prowse offers our “CIO as a Service” because we believe that Information Technology is critical to every business no matter the size; and every business at times, needs access to enterprise level IT strategy and leadership. With this service, we provide our clients with the IT strategic advice, budget & cost planning, and risk & compliance supervision that might be missing in smaller companies and is often not needed on a continual or permanent basis.

To meet this critical necessity, Philip Ward-Prowse provides organizations with strategic technology advice, cost containment, and leadership. Our highly qualified IT professionals—with extensive experience in the technology space, let us provide the critical technology leadership your organization needs.

Philip Ward-Prowse advocates a mature approach to IT, to help you get the most out of your CIO investment and to help you advance your mission. With one of our consultants filling the senior technology leadership role, you’ll realize the full benefits of technology instead of using it simply as a tool to support operations.


A consulting CIO helps your organization plan for future initiatives, create and work within a sensible budget, and select the right staff for technology positions. You can accomplish a range of goals—a single initiative, steadiness and forward movement during a transition, or ongoing and more encompassing consultation. Regardless of the specific scope, your organization will enjoy a measurable positive impact on technology management—and progress on your strategic goals.


Do you need ongoing consultation to ensure strategic direction, control costs, and increase operational efficiency? An Outsourced CIO gets to know your organization—developing a custom strategic plan and IT roadmap to help you prepare for future IT expenditures and initiatives. We focus on business needs for software applications while ensuring optimum network performance, security, and scalability. An Outsourced CIO helps you achieve significant staffing savings—avoiding salaries, benefits, bonuses, and perks necessary to attract and retain in-house CIOs.


A Transformational CIO provides a clear, well-understood, and personalized digital transformation process. Turnaround CIOs reinforce the value of IT, initiate positive and impactful change through sound project management, and unlock employee engagement through collaboration and communication. By focusing on vision, planning, and performance, a Transformational CIO helps your organization experience an evolution in culture, processes, and leadership. The result? A profoundly new approach to conducting business through the modern application of digital technology.


Unexpected or planned CIO vacancy? A Stop-Gap CIO adept in the business and culture of associations provides an accessible, flexible, timely solution to succession challenges. Their deep knowledge of associations and vendors ensures continued (or improved) productivity and efficiency. Stop-Gap CIOs quickly assess the situation, collaborating with leadership to implement immediate solutions and an actionable, long-term IT strategy. When it’s time to hire a permanent CIO, we can assist in search and selection to help ensure continuity and organizational fit.

What we offer

IT Strategy Management and Advice

Full development of IT strategy and roadmap tailored to your business or support of existing strategies via advice as well as execution management.

Acting CIO/CTO/IT Manager

We provide interim gap-fill to lead and manage all aspects of your IT department. Manufacturer and Vendor evaluation and selection as well as contract oversight.

Project Delivery Management

We provide effective advice and support for planning and delivery of current and future IT projects and initiatives.

Leadership Guidance

We provide enterprise level IT leadership and experience to manage your technology strategically, tactically and operationally.

Benefits of the service

You enjoy a wide-range of benefits with our service such as:

  • CIO expertise as you need it, without the price tag of a full-time CIO.
  • Improving your organizational technology management capacity
  • Optimized and repeatable IT processes that compliment your business processes.
  • Reduce organizational risk
  • Professional and career development of your technical staff
  • Executive decision-making process supported by all stakeholders
  • Significantly increased business efficiency & agility

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