Network Migration Services

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Network migrations are among the most complex engineering and financial challenges your organization will face. They must happen according to a well thought out plan and take place with minimal disruption to client and end-customer operations. Smooth migrations are the result of proven processes and strong planning and are always required in addition to “business as usual.” Stretched internal resources find it difficult to manage migrations successfully alongside their regular work, and the penalty can be delays, lost customers and lost revenue.

Fortunately, network consolidation and services migration projects have been a specialty of ours. Our seasoned team has solved migration challenges for carriers of all types and sizes. You’ll benefit from proven, predictable levels of success and customer satisfaction while you achieve typical cost savings of 25–40%. Our on-demand telecom consultants and technicians have deep experience reconfiguring large, complex carrier networks, and migrating major corporate accounts with minimal disruption to you and your end-customer.

Our Services

  • Project-based set of capabilities designed to focus on migrating customers, services and network depending on the client objectives
  • Gather baseline data, involved systems, relevant processes and desired results
  • Strategic and tactical migration planning that maximizes results
  • Identify dependencies and pre-migration requirements
  • Test methodologies to ensure full data migration can be achieved
  • Develop execution plan to ensure seamless migration from beginning to end
  • Maintain ongoing communication of KPIs and overall progress of migration
  • Post migration assessments and validations

Common Uses

  • Reconfiguring large complex carrier networks including Platform, POP to POP, and last mile migrations
  • Migrate major corporate accounts from competitor solutions to your solution with minimal disruption to client and end-customer operations
  • Migrate from one VoIP platform to another or legacy TDM Platform to a new VoIP Platform
  • Accelerate migration execution and results

What You Get

  • Cost savings between 25-40% resulting from:
    • Intensely prioritized execution designed to maximize return
    • Accelerated completion of migration
    • Minimized error and churn rates
    • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Accurate and extensive project tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Enhanced end-customer service, IP and networking experience
  • Address adverse impact on customer operations
  • Track critical customer and project information
  • Seamlessly integrate with legacy and new inventory and ordering systems


  • Network consolidation and services migration work is one of our strongest specialty with over 60 years’ combined experience reducing post-migrations issues
  • Enhanced analytics, capturing and reporting key metrics outside of client systems
  • Comprehensive project management and planning to ensure migrations are completed on time and within budget
  • Predictable levels of success and customer satisfaction based on past results
  • Team-based, work-centered environment
  • Implementation of network changes with critical speed, accuracy and efficiency
  • High-quality provisioning and order management
  • On-demand access to telecom consultants and technicians
  • Professional customer interaction; understandable communication packages
  • Choice of working with client sales team or independent

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