Compute Migration Services

Compute Migration Services 2018-07-06T05:38:53+00:00

Philip Ward-Prowse provides consulting and implementation services for physical, virtual and cloud data center migrations.

Hybrid Migrations

With blending of physical, virtual, cloud and SaaS, the concept of data centers have transformed from large physical spaces filled with racks of gear and critical infrastructure into a broad variety of new forms of interconnected computing services. Virtualization, SaaS and cloud computing are now key elements of most organization’s data center environment and absolutely must be considered and analyzed when deciding how to relocate your data center.

It is worth considering moving data off individual physical servers and into more efficient, and often less expensive, computing environments. But how do you decide which applications to move and where to move them? How do you ensure that business needs will still be satisfied while meeting regulatory and security standards? And just how do you measure the efficiency gains and potential savings over the long haul?

Data Center Migrations

The precursor to any migration or transformation is to start with a thorough inventory of your IT and data center assets. Working with your team, our engineers inventory all of the applications, servers, storage, network and other hardware. Dependencies between assets are recorded, and a visual dependency map of your specific environment is developed to be used as the basis for planning your transformation then is used to automatically generate appropriate run books which are key to orchestrating the complexity of your migration events.

During migration events, every task is controlled and logged, providing the entire project team with real-time status for all assets.

Virtual and Cloud Migrations

Planning for virtual and cloud migrations are similar and begin in the same manner as planning for a data center migration – by identifying the assets and interdependencies in the environment. With the dependency maps and full inventory in hand, our engineers will analyze your current environment and make recommendations how to move forward.

For a virtual to virtual and cloud migrations, our engineers act as project managers for your staff to ensure a smooth transition from your existing servers to their new environment. The final step for both processes is to test application performance in the new environment.

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