Cloud Readiness Due Diligence Assessment

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Mapping your path of relentless disruption

Your journey to cloud must navigate pitfalls and opportunities that are unique to your business. That makes plotting out a clear strategy and preparing your organization essential to achieving your business goals.

Cloud strategy & readiness is all about you

Cloud technologies are accelerating the pace of change and facilitating entirely new ways of doing business. In order to build competitive advantage, you cannot start with technology. You must start with you. Your cloud computing strategy must address business imperatives and opportunities that are specific to your industry, your business, and your team’s requirements. It is about mapping a path of continuous transformation that is as singular as your organization is—and that sets the stage for the company you intend to become.

See what is on the other side of the cloud

Philip Ward-Prowse’s cloud readiness assessment services help you identify the challenges you face in your cloud journey—from regulatory compliance to internal integration to adoption barriers. We also focus on uncovering opportunities afforded by cloud technologies—reduced costs, new ways of working, the ability to sunset sluggish legacy systems. We do this across four capabilities: business model disruption, cloud strategy & business case development, readiness assessment & preparation, and cloud native process and organization.

As needs are identified, we draw from a deep bench of domain specialists who advise beyond the technical, enabling your team to see possible solutions through the lenses of finance, risk, marketing, human capital, procurement—you name it. What is born from the process is a cloud computing strategy and cloud readiness assessment that accounts for a full range of variables, and then helps solve for you.

Our cloud strategy & readiness offering:

  • Business model disruption Perspective and strategic advisory on how new technologies such as cloud create opportunities to fundamentally affect both current and future-state business models.
  • Cloud strategy & business case Detailed cloud computing strategy and risk assessment for cloud (e.g., business models, applications, infrastructure); target-state cloud road map, architecture, and vision definition; target application platform identification; and articulation of the road map, business case, and financial benefit / impact for cloud adoption.
  • Readiness assessment & preparation Current-state workload analysis, technical requirement identification, business and technology process assessment, cyber security evaluation, employee skills assessment, and road map development to prepare the people, processes, and technology to adopt cloud.
  • Cloud native process & organization Full process re-engineering leveraging agile, DevOps, infrastructure as code, and IT automation to create a new model for delivering technology to clients.
  • Cloud Security Assessment Businesses need to offer a wide array of technology solutions to a variety of departments and locations, while keeping a close eye on costs. Cloud-based solutions—covering everything from software (SaaS) to infrastructure (IaaS)—are scalable and economical, offering current technology in a pay-per-use framework that can reach offices around the world.

These solutions deliver significant benefits, but the benefits are not without risk. Moving essential services and data to the cloud increases exposure and introduces vulnerabilities that must be assessed and managed to maintain system security and ensure compliance.

How We Help

Our consultants have the experience to navigate the complexities of cloud security assessments. Unlike traditional infrastructure assessments, where all of the systems are controlled by your business, cloud security assessments require coordination with cloud service providers, who may have to provide audit information if direct testing of their systems is prohibited by service agreements. We know how to bridge the gap between internal and external testing, synthesize the information, and provide a comprehensive analysis of your cloud security.

The Details

Our methodology measures the effectiveness of current controls, identifies weaknesses, and delivers an actionable remediation plan by evaluating the security of your cloud solutions—including Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Contact us to ensure that cloud flexibility doesn’t create vulnerability for your business.