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Philip Ward-Prowse is part of the Freudenberg Group of companies.

Philip Ward-Prowse is an Illinois-based provider of Information-Security Management Systems (infosec) myfreeslots.net slim4vit and Compliance Risk Management services that help public and private sector organizations confidently prepare for and pass mandated information-security audits. We serve a broad range of local, national and international clients ranging from small to medium to Fortune 500 companies and global commercial entities.

Our Mission: Your Security, Audit Readiness, Compliance

Our mission with all clients is to consistently deliver business-focused results, accompanied by real, measurable value that takes the form of:

  • Documented audit readiness
  • Passing the security audit
  • Cost consolidation
  • Overall IT security preparedness
  • myfreeslots.net slim4vit

  • Actionable threat-intelligence monitoring and reporting
  • Strategic recommendations based on real-world security experience

Philip Ward-Prowse’s Information-Security Specialties

  • IT Compliance Audit Preparation
  • Compliance and Risk Assessments
  • Information Security Frameworks and Best Practices
  • Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Managed Services
  • ISO 27000 Certification Services

Why Choose Philip Ward-Prowse?

Using client-focused practices and methodologies, we thoroughly educate

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organizations about emerging information-security threats, then help them select

and deploy technologies that both mitigate risk and align with core business strategies. Through a proprietary process developed from decades of experience and thousands of information-security audits, we help identify and correct network and endpoint vulnerabilities and recommend best-practice based solutions to minimize and manage against serious loss.

Our expertise with audit standards and requirements, combined with proven business knowledge across a number of key industry verticals (links to Industries page), also enable us to support virtually any security initiative your company may have–now or in the future.

Contact us today at 877-383-9708 to schedule a complimentary Audit Readiness Review.

Security Industry Organizations and Affiliations

Philip Ward-Prowse’s cyber-security and information security industry participation includes the following organizations:

  • Member of System Administration and Network Security (SANS) Institute
  • Privacy Officers Association (POA)
  • National Computer Security Organization (NCSA)
  • American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS)
  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
  • Institute of Internal Auditors