Businesses Continuity and Disaster Recover (BCDR) Assessment

Businesses Continuity and Disaster Recover (BCDR) Assessment 2018-07-06T05:31:28+00:00

An end to end approach to high availability based on technology, processes and organization

Today’s businesses demand 24×365 availability of information in order to make smart decisions, push innovation, take advantage of opportunities, and stay one step ahead of the competition. There’s no tolerance for downtime. To meet these demands, IT systems that support the business must be online and accessible, providing near-continuous availability of information through both planned and unplanned events. However, companies also need to consider cost constraints and carefully determine the right level of resilience for different parts of the business, striking a balance between investment and risk. Philip Ward-Prowse can help you understand how to achieve that balance with our BC/DR consulting services. We take an end-to-end, holistic approach to high availability focused on the three key elements of any IT environment: technology, processes, and organization.

Holistic approach

Reduced risk

Understand, manage, and address potential threats to business continuity, ranging from natural disasters to facility disruptions to technology equipment failure

Improved operational availability

Gain near-continuous application, data, and system availability across geographically dispersed sites

Better recovery

Maintain data consistency by mirroring critical data between primary and recovery site

Expert advice

Work with experienced consultants who offer best practices and recommendations to help improve your resilience strategy

Cost containment

Invest strategically in protecting those critical IT assets that need it most

Industry know-how

Leverage Philip Ward-Prowse’s knowledge of a wide range of tools, techniques, and pre-defined structure that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Our Services

Availability management

Ensure continuous availability across your organization with a well-thought-out plan structured to support future growth.

Business continuity assessment

Improve business continuity by identifying and mitigating your availability risks.

BC/DR continuous availability

Protect your business from outages with near-continuous IT availability with Geo-Replication.

Implementation services for BC/DR

Improve availability and reduce risk by implementing Geo-Replication.

Implementation services for BCDR/global mirror

Implement a two-site, automated disaster recovery and backup solution at virtually any distance with asynchronous Geo-Replication.

High-Availability program management

Assess, design, and implement a robust, integrated BC/DR program.

Our services include design, implementation and maintenance of strategies to ensure the availability of business processes and technology assets to support your organization’s objectives. Key elements include event risk management, business continuity solution design and plan development, implementation and long-term maintenance via software tools. Together with Recovery Point’s other services, our BCDR consulting services enable you to benefit from solutions that address both disaster prevention and response.

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