Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Assessment

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Conduct due diligence on cyber security for merger and acquisition targets

Organizations pursue mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to develop strategic business advantages as a result of gaining or consolidating personnel, technology or intellectual property. Companies, as part of their due diligence, investigate the potential business impact and risks from the merger or acquisition in a number of areas, including financial, legal and intellectual property. But they don’t always fully explore the consequences of combining the cyber security practices and technologies of two different organizations.


The M&A Risk Assessment helps companies evaluate multiple security programs and address compatibility issues and potential security gaps. Philip Ward-Prowse’s experts analyze and measure the acquisition environment and risk levels across four critical security domains so you can make informed decisions about how to smoothly secure the transitional and post M&A environment.

Cyber security during organizational growth

Combining the cyber risk of two different organizations dramatically increases the risk for both. In addition to different vulnerabilities and security gaps, each organization may have different security priorities that must be reconciled. When reviewing the security maturity and posture of organizations involved in M&A, Philip Ward-Prowse can provide deeper insights through supplemental services to clearly identify immediate risk. We offer two types of assessments:

  • Limited Compromise Assessment: a light-touch, technical assessment of the network for signs of anomalous activity.
  • Compromise Assessment: a detailed analysis of the acquisition environment for the presence of past or current attacker activity.

After an acquisition or merger, organizations continue to develop and refine their security program. We can provide customized continuous monitoring to help evolve an organization’s cyber security posture. Recommended services include:

  • Response Readiness Assessments
  • Threat Intelligence-Based Risk Profiles
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Security Program Assessments
  • Cyber Security as a Service

What you get

  • Detailed report
  • Risk ratings and maturity scores for each company involved in the merger or acquisition
  • High-level recommendations for longer-term improvement

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