Industrial Control Systems Health check

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Reduce security vulnerabilities in SCADA and ICS environments

During an Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Healthcheck, Our experts draw on our knowledge of advanced threat actors, security breaches and ICS domains to evaluate how well your ICS security program and architecture are segmented, protected and monitored.


The ICS Healthcheck helps your organization assess its cyber security posture without the operational risk associated with software-based agents, network scanning and other aggressive and invasive assessment techniques. Incorporating their understanding of operational technology (OT), Our consultants deliver a workshop-based ICS architecture review and provide a detailed technical analysis of and recommendations for your security environment.

Our Approach

The ICS Healthcheck applies an ICS risk analysis and threat modeling methodology followed by technical data analysis.

Risk analysis and threat modeling

  • Document current network

Our consultants inventory and review your existing architecture documentation, communications protocols and security polices, standards, and procedures to thoroughly understand of your ICS security environment.

  • Develop threat model

Our experts work with your IT, operations and engineering staff to identify the high-likelihood and high-risk attack vectors and targets.

  • Prioritize controls

Using the threat model, our professionals help your team select and prioritize security controls to address recognized anticipated threats.

Technical data analysis

  • Review network segmentation

Our consultants deploy a Network Forensics Platform device on your network and then analyze network packet capture files to determine the types of security risks you face.

  • Review security device configuration

Our experts determine how you have configured your network security devices and verify the efficacy of their rule sets.

What you get

  • Threat model diagram
  • ICS Healthcheck report
  • Strategic and technical recommendations

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